Sunday, June 19, 2011

I {heart} My Hubby - Happy Fathers Day!

My Dearest Danny,

You are the man of my dreams and my best friend.  I truly admire you and all that you are.  

I LOVE that you are:

A Man of GOD
THE Best DAD Ever
The #1 Chef
A Genius 
A Honest Man 
A Hard Worker
A Creator
My constructive criticizer when I need it most

I LOVE that you:
Make Me a better Me
Know me better than I know myself
Keep order when order is due
Think outside the box ALL the time
Know what to do in any given situation
See the world in a different light
Know just how to motivate me and push me to do what I try to be lazy about

I thank GOD everyday He brought us together.   I love you beyond words.  Thank you for being the best husband, friend and Dad in the whole world.  Happy Father's Day!!!

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