Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stay tuned...

In honor of me being able to connect with now over 100 people on Twitter I'll be doing my very first giveaway.  I know it's not all about #'s but you have to admit that is pretty exciting.  So stay tuned for more details.

Day 80 of 365

Play in the dirt.

Day 79 of 365



Make a new flag.  I made 2.

One is in honor of Japan of course.


Day 78 of 365

Fantasy Story only 10 words.

The prince & the princess rode their horses into the sunset.

Day 77 of 365


It’s not easy being green.  Day 24 of book.

My St. Patrick’s Day

003  009 014

Day 76 of 365


27 of 365 book.  Use your dream as inspiration.  So I was watching Bobby' Flay’s Ireland before bed and had a dream that we got a catering job for the Queen of England.


Day 75 of 365


293 of my 365 book.  Get Salty.


Day 74 of 365


Rose apron is a special order.

007 008

Day 73 of 365


Small peace apron.  This is for the daughter of the larger one I’ve made in the past.

005 006

Day 71 of 365


My 10 word murder mystery.  Day 319 out of the 365 book.


Day 70 of 365


Make a a family crest.  Ok mine is cheesy but it’s still cool.055

Day 69 of 365


Make a chart for something that wouldn’t need a chart.  This was a perfect fit for my busy husband. 


Day 68 of 365



Today’s challenge is to create a short love song about your pet.  Mine is about my awesome pug Kelso.  I love his squishy face!


Kelso, Kelso

How I love you so

Even when you lick my toe.

Oh Kelso, Kelso

How I love you so.


Day 67 of 365



Today’s challenge is kind of corny but it is what it is.  Create a mad lib.  The kids were on spring break so I had them help me and made it about them.  The bold words are their fillers.


There was once these kids that were home from car.  Boy did they hit me jumped.  So much so I breathe muffin.  Tomorrow will be a awesome fork or they will roll all day and eat boxes.

Day 66 of 365



I made this for my daughter out of an old calendar.  She loved it!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confidence is key!

Oh courage, where did you go?
I've been on a quest to find you.  I realize now that I'm scared of you.

I just don't understand why I hold back.  Part of me says I'm just being lazy, the part of me doesn't have a clue.  I read an unbelievably inspirational blog post by Kathy Jeffords, she talks about this very thing.  I received my regular email from Tara Gentile of, with headlines that read "Confessions of a fearful blogger."  This is me. I thought to myself.  I even put off reading it for days because I knew it was something that was going to affect me and it did.  I never really knew where I lost my courage, my motivation even but it had been gone.  I've tried for years to get my website going.  It still to this day isn't what I want it to be.  I make many excuses to myself. 

My husband is such a wonderful supporter in anything I do.  I share my dreams and ideas with him, he gives me the confidence boost and encourages all the way.  I just can't seem to do it.  I get pumped and ready to go then, don't.  It's an awful feeling to.  I just couldn't seem to get out of it. 

I've been working on "Making Something Everyday for 365" a book by Noah Scalin.  This has helped me but even with this I'm behind on my blogging.  It's time I listen to my heart more than my brain.  Or as my husband says, "don't think, DO!"  I love this.  It doesn't mean not to put any thought into what you do.  He knows more than anyone I over think everything, it gets in the way.  It's time I just DO. 

After reading Kathy's post I realize, it's time for me to stop being afraid.  It's time I found my courage.

Please read Kathy's post if you feel the way I did:

Thank you Kathy and Tara!

Kathy and her site are an inspiration:

I also had the pleasure of attending a great conference call yesterday with Tara Gentile and Bernadette Jiwa.  I gained so much from this call but most importantly, "CONFIDENCE IS KEY!"

Tara's site is amazing and has been a huge help to me:

You can listen to the Branding Q&A call here:

Bernadette's site is great too: 

Thank you Bernadette and again Tara.

It won't happen over night but I will try my best and continue to remind myself that CONFIDENCE IS KEY!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 65 of 365


Not only did the cake look rock and roll, it tasted awesome.


Day 64 of 365


My birthday boy’s guitar birthday cake.  Yellow and red velvet with raspberry and lemon filling.  I used this project for 2 of my 365 projects.  Anyone who has ever decorated a cake knows it’s a lot of work. 


Day 63 of 365


What’s better than wearing an awesome tie that your mom made for your birthday.  Maybe a cake…


Day 62 of 365


Almost ready for Jayden’s party.  I made this banner out of felt that I cut to look like guitar picks.  Also with red felt that I cut the letters of his name out and sewed on.


Day 61 of 365


Today is my sons birthday and we are having a party for him this weekend.  It’s rock and roll themed so today I made guitar picks out of gift cards.  This was a fun project.

Day 60 of 365


This is my awesome fruit tower that lasted 2 whole seconds after I took this picture.


Day 59 of 365


Day 16 of the 365 book.  Make a stamp out of a potato.  


Day 58 of 365


I used day 36 of 365 for this project.  Make something old look new.  Finished product was antique looking but still newer.  This project was also for a beautiful person.  My dearest cousin Emily.  My husband helped me a lot with design too.  She absolutely loved it!


     011 017018   019146141


Day 57 0f 365


These earrings are a little something I made for cousin Emi, for her birthday.


Day 56 of 365


Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of this one but it was another gift for cousin Emily.  I made her a necklace that said FAITH.  It was so cute.  I did get a good picture of the back of it.  :)


Day 55 of 365


Day 71 of the 365 book, make something out of coffee grounds.


Day 54 of 365


Today’s challenge was to carve a fruit or vegetable.  Something besides a pumpkin.  Day 262 from the book 365.


Day 53 of 365


Work with liquid in the kitchen.  Day 110 of book 365.  This was made with some left over green sauce.  I thought it looked neat when I went to wipe it down the outer edges stayed behind.


Day 52 of 365


Today’s challenge was to make anagram out your name.  The best I could come up with was


Not easy when you have so many E’s in your name.

Day 51 of 365


Today I just made some yummy peanut butter cookies.  So good, they were gone before I could get a picture.

Day 50 of 365


365’s day 13.  Make something from tea leaves.


Day 49 of 365


Today’s challenge is from day 221 in 365, use a tree as your inspiration today.  I was feeling in a photographic mood.  It’s quite a site.  It’s full of bees but beautiful.


Day 48 of 365


Rock star, get it.  It’s a star made of rocks.  I couldn’t resist this.  It’s from day 73 of 365.  Work with rocks or gravel around the house.



Day 47 of 365


Today’s challenge for me came from day 102 in 365.  Write a palindrome and illustrate it.  A palindrome is a word or phrase that could be backward the same as being read forward.  RACECAR is a perfect example.


Sunday, March 13, 2011