Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't Put Off Your Creativity

Upon reading my emails this morning, I came across something that was just for ME.  I'm sharing because I know there are so many people out there that feel the same way... This was sent to me by @BellePirri
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Creatively avoiding your creative urges

In the latest post on Creative Spiritual Women I ask, what are you putting off creating because it feels too big for you?
What great idea do you have that you haven't done anything with?
What are you inspired to do that you're ignoring, because you feel like you're not the right person for the job?
You are.
Just start. You'll find all the resources, energy, and guidance you need.
I promise.

I really enjoyed this post, it hit home for me.  My hubby tells me all the time that I just need to create.  He sees what I do.  I will have a great idea and for whatever reason, it won't get done.   It will sit on a TO DO list forever.  I also keep an idea journal.  When I'm really feeling creative I love to go back and check out ideas that I'd completely forgotten about.  My hubby suggested I start writing down every idea that I've ever had.  In the beginning I was on overload.  I had to keep that thing at my bedside.  It has proven to be an awesome tool for me.

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