Monday, August 6, 2012

This Weeks Menu - Week 1

Remember this Kitchen Chalkboard?  Recently, I've been trying to put it to better use by writing up my full weeks dinner menu vs. a daily one.  Most Mondays I sit down and create my menu for the week.  My family loves it.  This also helps me.  Something about having it up and written down makes me feel more organized.  Even if you don't follow it completely, it's nice to have a plan.

So, I've decided that I wanted to start sharing this with you every Monday.  By doing this I'm hoping that my most Mondays turns into every Monday.  This helps keep me more accountable.

Also for my kids, school starts tomorrow.  They bring lunch from home.  I will be putting together a lunch menu for them as well.

What do you pack for school lunches?


  1. I really need to create my menu board rather than just writing it on a calendar posted to the fridge. The boys like to take salads they can add dressing & croutons to and give it a shake in the container to mix it up. They love to take mac & cheese too. It's easy to make fresh in the morning and toss into a keep warm thermos. I finally found a thermos that keeps food warm until lunch and has a folding spoon in the lid.

  2. I'm going to be trying salads for my kids too. Ok, so where did you find this thermos? I need to get some of those.