Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you a paper piler?



I am currently working on a command center project that is going to be located in our laundry room.  This is our in and out hot spot.  This hanging fabric filer was fun to make and will solve some paper piling issues for us.  I like to keep all receipts but they would end up in drawers, my purse, basically everywhere.  As for mail, I had a spot on the bookshelf that was to easy for me to forget about.  Homework is a big one in this house.  Having 4 kids means lots of homework.  The kids used to try and hand me papers to sign, newsletters, and have me look over homework during dinner prep.  They now just set it onto the laptop for me to go over.  Recently a few school papers got mixed in with sales ads.  Now they will have a specific spot to set it in.  I am confident that this project was a perfect solution for us.

Here are some tutorial photos:


Cut 2 base fabrics and iron on interfacing to one.  Mine were 16”x26”


After peeling back the interfacing, I put face sides of 2 base fabrics together, sewing around the edges leaving enough space to invert.  Once inverted, I tucked in the opening and pressed, adhering the fabrics together.


I did the same with the file area.  The large pockets were 12.5”x8”.  The small one was 12.5”x4”

010 013

I cut strips and ironed them in half, creating what will be an expandable file.


Once all of your pockets are stitched, pin them in place.


I stitched all pockets in place and went around the edge with a satin stitch.


I added grommets and labels.  I wanted to make sure that everyone knows what they are to be used for.  Once done it measured out to be 15.5” x 24.5”. 


  1. Great idea! Unfortunately, i think i'd need to "wallpaper" my house with them. lol. I'm the queen of the paper piler. lol <><

  2. Thank you, I do however owe my recent Pinterest obsession some credit. After looking at many, I was able to create one that worked for me. Sad thing is, I'm the same way. I thought this was an easy enough project that I could do a couple more.