Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confidence is key!

Oh courage, where did you go?
I've been on a quest to find you.  I realize now that I'm scared of you.

I just don't understand why I hold back.  Part of me says I'm just being lazy, the part of me doesn't have a clue.  I read an unbelievably inspirational blog post by Kathy Jeffords, she talks about this very thing.  I received my regular email from Tara Gentile of, with headlines that read "Confessions of a fearful blogger."  This is me. I thought to myself.  I even put off reading it for days because I knew it was something that was going to affect me and it did.  I never really knew where I lost my courage, my motivation even but it had been gone.  I've tried for years to get my website going.  It still to this day isn't what I want it to be.  I make many excuses to myself. 

My husband is such a wonderful supporter in anything I do.  I share my dreams and ideas with him, he gives me the confidence boost and encourages all the way.  I just can't seem to do it.  I get pumped and ready to go then, don't.  It's an awful feeling to.  I just couldn't seem to get out of it. 

I've been working on "Making Something Everyday for 365" a book by Noah Scalin.  This has helped me but even with this I'm behind on my blogging.  It's time I listen to my heart more than my brain.  Or as my husband says, "don't think, DO!"  I love this.  It doesn't mean not to put any thought into what you do.  He knows more than anyone I over think everything, it gets in the way.  It's time I just DO. 

After reading Kathy's post I realize, it's time for me to stop being afraid.  It's time I found my courage.

Please read Kathy's post if you feel the way I did:

Thank you Kathy and Tara!

Kathy and her site are an inspiration:

I also had the pleasure of attending a great conference call yesterday with Tara Gentile and Bernadette Jiwa.  I gained so much from this call but most importantly, "CONFIDENCE IS KEY!"

Tara's site is amazing and has been a huge help to me:

You can listen to the Branding Q&A call here:

Bernadette's site is great too: 

Thank you Bernadette and again Tara.

It won't happen over night but I will try my best and continue to remind myself that CONFIDENCE IS KEY!

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