Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Beginning of my 365

My husband gave me the idea, or should I say, he had the idea and tried to push me to do this sometime ago.  To create at least one thing everyday.  That meant every single day.  No breaks.  He knows how much I love to do my crafts and is always feeding me with these awesome ideas, that I for whatever reason take forever to make them happen.  Well not anymore.  This is it, 2011 is my year!  I am officially taking on that challenge of making at least one krafty kreation per day.  Sounds tough I know but I know I can do this.  I've recently found a book to help push me along.  I wasn't going to buy it because there is a few things suggested that I either already do or I just don't have the interest in doing.  Again, my husband said if I was really going to take on this challenge I needed a book to have as a guide and if I'm lacking in ideas I could always refer to the book .  Why is he always right?  So I bought it.  "365   Make Something Everyday and Change Your Life" by Noah Scalin.  Just a few pages in, I know it's perfect for me. 

Now I intend to blog about my progress and my projects.  Although I may not blog about it everyday, I will keep a daily creativity journal and keep the blog up to date on completed projects.  My hopes are that this challenge will make me more consistent, organized, and so much more.  Overall it's going to help me discover some inner talent screaming to come out.

** Noah Scalin's "365" is full of  project suggestions that take you outside the mediums you're used to.  Feel free to check out the progress of others @

I have the vision of victory and God's grace will see me through.

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